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"The Integrated Data Balance Sheet™ provides a comprehensive model for understanding, managing, and communicating the rich resources of data-intensive companies. It articulates the responsible execution of a company's data strategy, influencing business growth, competitiveness, customer experience, and risk management. This statement offers transparency to customers and stakeholders about the company's core principles and practices for responsible and secure data processing."

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Integrated Data Balance Sheet is a novel, voluntary reporting framework that helps to report on the strategic, responsible and ethical, productive, reliable and compliant use of data.


The service is designed for companies and communities that utilize significant amounts of data in their operations. That's why companies and entities that use and process significant amounts of customer data in service production, decision-making, product development or processing and sales will especially benefit from it.


Integrated Data Balance Sheet can clarify the strategic view of data, strengthen the company's customer trust and reputation, and respond to regulation. In addition, it develops the image of the company among the best experts and potential partners.




  • Balanced Data Insight workshop - to visualize the data balance and data value chain

  • Thematic Integrated Data Balance Sheet (responsibility, compliance, GDPR)

  • Business Unit level Integrated Data Balance Sheet

  • Comprehensive company-level data Integrated Data Balance Sheet

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