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Taneli Hassinen, VTM, has experienced corporate communications and management support. He has worked as communications director in three listed companies, Finnair, SRV Yhtiöi and Taaler. He was also a member of the group management team at SRV and Taaler.

In all positions, in addition to other communications responsibilities, he has specifically managed the listed company's financial and stock exchange communications as well as investor relations. 

Since 2016, Taneli has worked as a communication and management consultant in demanding communication and organizational functionality challenges and crises. As the second founding partner of Functos Oy, he looks at companies from the point of view of what kind of development and profit opportunities are offered to them in the market.

"The communication of listed companies is regulated in many ways. Still, they can communicate in many ways that create shareholder value for them. In my opinion, Finnish companies underutilize this opportunity unnecessarily. Active communication with stakeholders bears fruit in the long term," says Taneli.

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