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Co-founder, Partner

Mikko is a wide-ranging professional in financial and investor communication, whose analytical heart beats for responsibility and data. Years of experience and knowledge base from different industries, companies and situations give perspective and insight into even demanding situations and giving advice.  

Mikko has worked for a long time at the core of various companies as a senior management partner and was responsible for external and internal communication, financial and investor communication of listed companies and the development of corporate responsibility. On the corporate side, Mikko has been influential in positions of responsibility at, among others, YIT, Turku Energia, Apetit, Kojamo and Silmäasema. As a consultant, Mikko, he has supported leading companies in their industries, from a small biotechnology company all the way to a large financial group. 

Mikko is an open-minded ruler of entities and a builder of cooperation. That is why he has accumulated experience also in demanding project management and business strategy and development processes as well as various change situations. He is at home with business acquisitions, listings, public purchase offers and other special situations. 

Mikko is responsible at Functos for the development of the Integrated data financial statement and the data balance included in it, which is connected to the new wave of accountability.
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