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Communications consultant

Kasimir Marttinen, M.Sc., is a result-oriented and idea-rich communication expert who is in his element when he gets to apply new perspectives to demanding communication. The versatile experience of communication collaborations with both small companies and Finland's largest organizations creates a strong vision for the planning and implementation of investor communication.

Kasimir has accumulated extensive experience in both investor and marketing communication tasks. He has previously worked e.g. Communication agency at Bravura, focusing on daily investor communication and IPO communication, and at Context Learning Finland, responsible for tasks related to marketing communication and internal communication of client organizations. In addition, Kasimir has worked actively as a private consultant supporting companies of various sizes in investor, marketing and internal communication.

Experience in versatile communication tasks and a strong vision of the Finnish communication field form a solid foundation for working with clients in financial and investor communication. 

At Functos, Kasimir focuses on the planning and implementation of investor communication on the internet and social media, as well as other financial and investor communication tasks.

p.040 801 3635

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